The data protection provisions applicable to the agreement are set out in Schedule A (addendum to data protection) and are included in this agreement by reference; if this Schedule A does not apply to the Venmo service of PayPal, which is subject to the data protection principles set out in Venmo`s terms of service on The provisions of the data protection amendment preseive all the conflicting data protection and privacy conditions of this agreement. A “Expense in Arreignance” section informs customers of what the penalty applies if payments are not made in a timely manner: 2.1.1 PayPal your service provider with respect to customer data, including the personal data of customers and other individuals, households and entities, solely for the purposes of the agreement. You agree to provide PayPal only the customer data necessary to PayPal provide payment processing services. The parties acknowledge and agree that PayPal is authorized to use, reproduce and process customer data and payment transaction data for the following limited purposes: a. All payments due and due under this agreement upon receipt of the contractor`s written termination for completed and ongoing work; The contractor executes and provides the project in accordance with the declaration of work in accordance with the terms of this agreement. While customer payment information is included in Slack`s terms of use, the Billing FAQ really helps clarify the questions frequently asked by customers about how. B credit card information is updated, how billing works and how refunds work. 1.1 The following terms have the following meanings when used in this addition: Service providers should write a service contract if they plan to run a service for future customers. They can then anticipate the protection of their interests to ensure that they receive a payment. On the other hand, clients feel that a service agreement is useful because it protects their rights when it entrusts a contractor with the performance of a task for which they must compensate for the services provided. The service agreement is to verify the details of the agreement, such as the amount of compensation, customs duties and anything of concern. PayPal may terminate this contract or suspend services for you if any of the following steps occur: (1) we are required by the networks, the purchaser or a mandate of a supervisory body to stop providing services for you; (2) We believe that you have breached this agreement or that you will likely do so; (3) if we find that your use of braintree payment services carries an unacceptable risk, including credit or fraud risk; or (4) at the sole discretion PayPal there is another legal, reputational or risk-based ground.

If PayPal is required to terminate this contract, PayPal will notify you in writing as soon as possible. Would you like to learn more about the terms of payment for service agreements or how to write a service contract? In order to have a complete understanding of the service agreement and how it can benefit you and your business, an experienced UpCounsel lawyer can help you decide what action to take that would be most beneficial to you and your business situation.