Selling a franchise can take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, the key to successfully selling a franchise is in planning. If you make arrangements for your release on time, you have enough time to identify and fix vulnerabilities within the company so that they don`t affect the value of your franchise. Most franchise agreements contain a renewal fee that might look like this: the franchise agreement should also apply to the address that can use the franchisee`s phone numbers at the expiry of the franchise agreement. Traditionally, this right belongs to the franchisor, but as home-based businesses become the norm, franchisors who have authorized franchisees to use their existing home phones or mobile phone numbers may have a problem regaining control of this component of the commercial presence of their former franchisees. Let`s start with the basics. If you have performed well during the duration of your contract, chances are you will be invited to the extension, but it is not yourself. Your franchisor has the right not to renew your contract. Franchise agreements are fixed-term contracts that typically last five or ten years. It sounds like a long time, but these years will pass. Do you know what will happen to your business when your franchise agreement ends? Because once the agreement expires, you lose the right to operate the business with the franchise products and branding, unless you sign another agreement. You need to make sure that you understand what your rights are to extend your franchise agreement so that you don`t find yourself without a business! Platinum Property Partners is the world`s leading real estate investment franchise. They will help you by […] The Code does not give you the automatic right to renew or renew your franchise agreement or terminate a new contract after the end of the term.

Whether you have the right to renew or renew your franchise agreement or enter into a new contract depends on the terms of your individual contract. To what extent are non-competition prohibitions generalized in the event of franchise termination? When a franchisor issues a franchise agreement to a franchisee, this generally applies for a specified period (usually years) with one or two renewal fees for the same period. For example, in New Zealand, a common term for a deductible is 5 years with a 5-year renewal fee, for a total of 10 years. A particular question that has arisen in recent years is the possession of telephone numbers. As people increasingly use mobile phones when the franchisor has not arranged for the use of new numbers in connection with the business, former franchisees could obtain residual activities from the franchise`s former presence. Even since, at the expiry of your franchise agreement, you can open a new non-competitive business, your franchise agreement may continue to prohibit you from asking customers of your former franchise subsidiary for your new business. The franchisor probably has exclusive rights to your client list and the franchise agreement will prevent you from contacting these individuals for business purposes. While franchisor interest may be a little dubious here – if your new business is really not competitive and there is no way to take customers away from a franchisee or franchisor-outlet – the fact remains that this provision will probably still be in your franchise agreement.