The gentlemen`s agreement is a specific type of international agreement that is concluded orally. I have already written about the fact that these gentlemen have formed a very closely linked social group, which is based on their own principles. The most important value for them was solidarity among its members, called “honour.” If someone acted against the principles of honor, he destroyed the solidarity and unity of the group, undermining his right to form an elite. One of the institutions created on the basis of this solidarity was the gentlemen`s agreement. Gentleman`s Agreement, in international relations. certain types of international treaty. If you believe that the Gentlemen`s Agreement is just a cash failure and is no longer in practice, then look: 1. Gentleman`s Agreement 2. Miracle in 34th Street 3. Crossfire 4. Verdoux 5. Double lifespan Yes, there is no legal basis for obtaining the validity of such an agreement.

It cannot be implemented. It`s all about the principles of a person, a grouping or a habit in the environment. After all, as the name suggests, it is the agreement between the people of honour, and that is what they punish most severely – exclusion and shame. According to some Anglo-Saxon authors, gentlemen`s agreements have no legal value and their duties are only voluntary commitments of those who concluded them. Maria Ossowska, who described the evolution of chivalrous ethics, criticized similar attitudes between men, which meant that all debts between men of honour (e.g. those knitted during the card game) were much greater than the debts of merchants, shoemakers, tailors… The latter was simply not part of the group of honour persons, so the breaking of the word given to them did not make it disgraceful. On the other hand, the call for solidarity of these gentlemen has had serious consequences, with the exception of inclusive society.

Two or more honorary persons have reached an agreement on the basis of an unwritten agreement, a particular word or even a predominant custom. There was no legal provision to protect such an agreement. The promise to keep was only a matter of honour, and that it was more than money, power, etc. The agreement had a solid foundation and was rarely broken. All of us have heard of them. Every one of us knows something about her. In the past, they were a group of honourable men; Knight dressed in armor. They had the class and principles they followed both in private and professional life. Oral form instead of written.

It has the force of law, albeit under international law. (Article 102 of the Un Charter) agreements can be enforced if they are registered with the UNITED Nations secretariat, which contains its written form. The G.A. therefore precedes the written registration of the agreement instead of replacing it. The Lord`s agreement can only be fulfilled orally (although the written agreement will not harm). Pages can make their form free. It can be concluded between two or more people. The contract is not contractual and therefore has no legal value. The film described here sometimes smells of very optimistic, open capra films, filmed to comfort the mind when it has fallen a little because of the crisis, etc.